Sad Day For Bubba Watson

by Jeff Skinner

Over this past golf season a few golfers have seen a little bit more of the spotlight.  Graeme, Louie and Martin made their mark by winning majors.  Dustin contended and was the heartbreak kid of 2010 and Rickie brought the skater crowd to the course.  Anyone who watched golf saw these guys work their magic on the course.  Bubba Watson was one of this group that made his mark and brought a little bit of excitement on the links and a lot of fun off the course.  I think I watched Bubba videos on YouTube all summer.  He loves golf and he love to have fun.

He loves his family too and unfortunately he has a sad burden to bear, he lost his father to cancer on Friday.  Bubba’s dad was fighting cancer for awhile and it brought bubba to tears a few times this season when he was in the media tent.  He had a tough time talking about his dad and his illness.  He showed his human side.  A side that said he is an emotional man and a man that isn’t afraid to be honest about his feelings.

Bubba was introduced to golf by his dad and as he says his dad was a big influence in his life.  “My dad taught me everything I know. It’s not very much, but that’s all I know. He would agree with that,” Watson told reporters at the PGA Championship.

Gerry Watson was a former Green Beret and a Vietnam veteran and he gave Bubba all he could.  Bubba would be the first to acknowledge that. He gave Bubba more than a golf game; he gave him a bit of humanity too.


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