A Birthday & New Year’s Celebration

by Jeff Skinner

There is plenty of cause for celebration today.  The start of a new year gives us all a reason to rejoice.  But today is also Links Life Golf’s second birthday.  We started this little experiment two years ago and have been having a ball with it every day since.  The 2011 golf season looks to be transitional year for American golf.  Can the PGA and LPGA rebound from tough years in 2010?  It is sure to be an interesting year and we’ll here giving you our take on the players, tours, tournaments and all the quirky happenings that make this crazy game so damn great.

The New Year is our chance to start fresh with a clean slate and try and stick to those resolutions.  I’m going to lose some weight and my slice this year.  I will lower my handicap and my cholesterol.  I am going to play more and swear less and as always have a lot of fun on the course.  After all, it’s a game and games are supposed to be fun.

In my family we had a New Year’s tradition of always getting together on New Year’s Eve and spending some time with each other.  Well, time and geography has separated us but we all still feel the same way today.  We’ll call and wish each other well and share a memory or two.  We’ll reflect on the past years and all those that aren’t with us any longer.  And then we’ll recall the life lessons passed on to us and in our family, two stand out like no other: hug your children and love your family.  It’s simple, we can never hug our kids or love our families too much and New Year’s Day is a great day to renew those credos.   More love, more hugs and more golf, 2011 looks to be a wonderful year.


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