Yes, Golf Can Save A Life

by Jeff Skinner

Golf is different things to different people and the reasons why we play can be as varied as our swings.  Some play for fun, some play for money and some of us play because we just have to.

Golf Digest Magazine has a monthly column titled “Golf Saved My Life” and in the May issue Gary Weinstein tells his story to Max Adler.  Weinstein recounts how his wife and two sons were killed by a drunk driver and he was left without his family, then months after the crash his business burned down.  His personal trials were more than most men could bear.  His wife had always told him that he should be so successful that he could play golf every day if he wanted.

With his wife’s words in his head he decided to take a golf trip.  Only this wouldn’t be some three nighter to Myrtle Beach or a week in Florida.  He was going to play in all 50 states.  He spent nine months crisscrossing the United States in his Infiniti for the golf trip of a lifetime and it made him a changed man.

Who I am now is more than what happened to my family. I am more than my circumstances,” he says and he isn’t done yet.  For his next trip he plans to play golf in 100 countries.  Golf does different things for different people.  For Gary Weinstein, it saved his life.




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