Seve Ballesteros, Gone Too Soon

by Jeff Skinner

Losing someone before their time is the cruelest of fates.  Seve Ballesteros died this morning at 54 years old, certainly well before his time.  Seve was and still is an inspiration to many professional golfers all over the world. (Click here for Seve’s obituary.)

Seve’s skill on the course was legendary.  He played a wild game from the tee that left him with approaches from places other golfers have never travelled.  That was his trademark: he could make birdies from anywhere on the course, or the parking lots that surround it.  As skillful an artist with the clubs that he was, it was his passion that made him one of the games immortals.

He won at a young age and carried that enthusiasm for the sport with him all his life.  He single handedly dragged European Golf into Ryder Cup contention with his passion and determination.

He won tournaments worldwide and five major championships but the enduring images of Seve will be that of his shot from car parks at The Open Championship, under trees at Augusta and that fist pump of all fist pumps at The Open.  As a small boy he would hit balls on the beach in Spain and he grew to an international icon of the sport: Seve Ballesteros, gone too soon.


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