K. J. Choi Plays Golf the Right Way

by Jeff Skinner

K.J. Choi’s victory at The Players Championship has put him in the spotlight again.  It has also made him the favorite at The U.S. Open next month.  Choi has won on Congressional before and The Players was his fourth straight top ten.  He is definitely playing great golf and some of that can be attributed to his even tempered manner on the course.

Choi is a respected member of the PGA Tour not only for his golfing skills but for the way he carries himself on and off the course.  After The Players, Choi was gracious towards his playing partners, saying that playing with them actually helped him play well and he was not shy about the effect that god has in his life.

He’s a guy that just does the right thing, and he is admired by Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods having good relationships with both men after having victories in both their tournaments.

Choi was visited this week by a group of golf fans from Tennessee that have made Choi their number one player.  They have been coming to The Players for years and after watching Choi for a few years decided that he did things right and he was going to be their man.  One of they said, “When we starting coming here, we noticed this is a really nice guy that plays the game the way it should be played.  We just started following him and haven’t really cared about following anyone else since.”

They call themselves “Choi’s Bois” and Choi welcomed the support this week and made an effort to seek them out and thank them.

They’ve made a great choice and certainly have Choi pegged right: he is one of the good guys and it’s always easy to cheer for the good guys.



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