Anthony Kim Having Fun Again

by Jeff Skinner

To steal a line from Forrest Gump’s mom, “The PGA Tour is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re going to get.”  That’s the case at The Greenbrier Classic as the unpredictable Anthony Kim shot to the top of the leaderboard with a bogey free, eight birdie round of 62.  Kim has been erratic the past two seasons as he battled back from thumb surgery and some questionable practice habits.

We’ve seen what Kim can do on the course, three tour wins and over twelve million in the bank.  But there are times when Kim has been known to enjoy other things in life.  That has changed recently when he realized he wasn’t having fun.  A sit down with his mom may have set him on the right path again.  “I haven’t had this much fun playing golf in a long time,” Kim said. “Even when I wasn’t hitting the ball particularly well yesterday I had a lot of fun. The last couple weeks have really turned my golf game around, especially starting at the British. So I’m looking forward to pretty good things.”

“My parents have meant everything to my golf game,” Kim said. “I wouldn’t have gotten started in golf without my dad, and I’m lucky to have a full set of clubs because of my mom. I would probably be snapping clubs right and left if she didn’t tell me that that wasn’t okay when I was when I was little.”

“(The conversation) was just about having fun and relaxing and enjoying the position I’m in,” Kim said. “Because I’m very fortunate to be playing golf for a living, and sometimes you forget about that. I was pretty upset about my 81, and she noticed somebody in the gallery who was less fortunate and we talked about that.”

“I came out here ready to play some golf a good time, and 62 shots later I’m sitting here.”

He looks like a new golfer too, longer hair and a thinner waist.  A motivated Anthony Kim is a dangerous thing and today that little chat with mom just might pay off big time.


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