Steve Williams Apologizes & Tiger Woods Talks Stevie

by Jeff Skinner

Hopefully this is the last public chapter in the Steve Williams/Tiger Woods fiasco.  Williams put this statement out on his website today. He apologizes for failing to mention Adam Scott and his outstanding play in winning at Firestone.  He says his emotions got the better of him and that certainly was the case.  But it looks like a forced apology and he doesn’t back off on anything he said about Tiger.

“There has been considerable debate following the comments I made at the conclusion of Sunday’s Bridgestone Invitational. It was a complete surprise to have CBS announcer, David Feherty ask for an interview following the completion of play. My emotions following Adam’s victory were running very high and at the time I felt like my emotions poured out and got the better of me. I apologize to my fellow caddies and professionals for failing to mention Adam’s outstanding performance. I would like to thank all those fans at Firestone who made this victory the most special of my career.”

Steve certainly has some issues with Tiger, and maybe he has a right to, but the time to say it wasn’t moments after his new boss had claimed a significant victory.  He should have kept his mouth shut and let the story be about Adam.  Years with Woods may have convinced him that the world is all about him.  He easily could have made his comments later at a time that wouldn’t have overshadowed Scott’s brilliant performance.

During Tiger’s press conference this morning he was asked about Steve’s comments but as usual Tiger didn’t divulge anything new.  He did however try to take a higher road than William’s had.  He said, “Well, I was happy to see Stevie and Adam win.  Adam has been a friend of mine and same with Stevie.  I sent Stevie a nice text after completion of play, congratulating him on his win.  It was good to see them go out and play as well as they did.  Adam played great on Sunday.”

He did confirm that Steve and Mark Steinberg talked but wouldn’t elaborate on the conversation.

When asked about the content of his conversations or texts with Steve after his comments he said it was “between Stevie and myself.”

He pulled the stone-faced look many times and when asked if he was surprised by Steve commenting so publicly he simply stared and said ,“Yea.”

Loyalty was brought up a few times in the press conference and Tiger was asked if he considered Steve disloyal by making those comments. “I’m not going to speculate on Steve.  Those are obviously his feelings and his emotions and his decision to say what he wants to say.”

Tiger always puts up a wall against any question that he doesn’t really want to answer.  He did that numerous times concerning this episode.

It looks like Tiger wants to put this behind him, at least publicly.  He’ll probably not comment on it further and that’s the way it should be.

But don’t think for a second that all is well between Steve Williams and Tiger Woods.  Williams has some major separation issues with Tiger.  Tiger hates anyone in the know talking about him.  He can’t stand anyone challenging him and he holds a grudge forever.  Just ask Fluff Cowan, Hank Haney, Stephen Ames or Rory Sabbatini.

The public comments are done but this one will stick with Tiger for a long time and he’ll be seeking his revenge at every opportunity.


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