Loved It & Hated It At The PGA Championship

by Jeff Skinner

Loved it… Did you see Brandel Chamblee at the start of “Live From the PGA” after Bradley’s win?  He was so excited you would have thought he won his 1st major.  You got to love a man that loves his work.

Hated it…Could CBS show anymore commercials?  It was like an advertising convention with a few golf shots thrown in.  I’m so full of Michelob Light and Cialis I can’t ride along with Lance Armstrong.

Loved it… Rory’s shot off the root.  That kid has guts.

Hated it…Rory’s shot off the root.  That kid is stupid.

Loved it… Phil Mickelson speaking his mind and ripping his favorite architect.

Hated it… Phil’s inability to out think Rees Jones and make some birdies.

Loved it…This was an amazing tournament, plenty of thrills, drama and spectacular golf.

Hated it…Watching Tiger hack it around like Jack Lemon.

Loved it… Watching Tiger actually talk to the media afterwards.

Hated it…The “majorless” studs failing to get it done:  Luke Donald, Lee Westwood and Adam Scoot, especially since I had Scott in my pool.

Loved it…Watching some youngsters make their mark:  Keegan Bradley and Brendan Steele (even though he faded on Sunday) showed how strong the Nationwide grads really are.

Hated it…If the PGA wants to shrug off the image of the lesser of the four majors it needs to steal a page from Augusta National.  Yes, you have matching jackets, big deal.  Try cutting a deal with your TV sponsors that lets us see more golf and please choose some classier advertisers.

Loved it…Club Professional Mike Small made the cut, tied for 69th and pocketed $15,000.  Sweet deal for Steve Stricker’s college roommate.

Loved It…The Golf Channel’s wall to wall coverage was great and TNT’s coverage was all right.

Hated it…By the time CBS picks up coverage we see less and less golf.  The super slow motion stuff is great as is Peter Kostis’ swing breakdowns but there is way too much “announcer speak” and did I say too many commercials?


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