Phil Mickelson Stomps for Keegan Bradley

by Jeff Skinner

Last week we heard Fred Couples say that he wanted Tiger Woods on his Presidents Cup Team and he gently nudged Tiger to play some more rounds to get his game in shape.  Now, Phil Mickelson has chimed in with some advice for Captain Couples: pick Keegan Bradley.

Phil is sure that Bradley would be a great addition to The Presidents Cup Team and he is exactly right.

“Last year, he was not on the PGA TOUR; this is his first year.” Mickelson said. “Meaning he was not allowed to make Presidents Cup points, and he’s had arguably the best year for any U.S. player. I think he needs to be a pick if he doesn’t get on it on his own.”

“You could tell right away that this guy’s got a lot of game,” Mickelson said. “There’s no substitute for speed, and he’s got a lot of clubhead speed. But more than that, he’s got an incredible touch on the green. I mean, he putts really, really well. And he’s got great short game, good hand action, great short irons but really hits the ball a long ways if he has to.”

“He doesn’t back down to anybody,” Mickelson said. “We’ll go have our matches and he’s right in the thick of it. You know, he doesn’t mind taking a few comments thrown his way, but he doesn’t mind dishing it, either.

“I think that just is a sign of a great character player, a guy that’s going to have a successful career. And then he went on to win two times now with the major championship at the PGA. I think he’s going to be an impressive player.”

Phil has very valid points and he loves this kid.  Phil has been a mentor to Bradley and Bradley has blossomed. Bradley has had a season worthy of a Presidents Cup slot.  Heck, he has a season worthy of Player of the Year.  He has two wins, has jumped to 28th in the World Golf Rankings and is the only American with a major victory this season. All that in only his rookie season.

This is the easy decision for Couples.  He shouldn’t waste any time in picking Bradley.  His pick is a no-brainer.  If someone goes crazy during the FedEx Cup Playoffs and wins two or three tournaments Couples may have a more difficult time making his selections.  But then the one on the chopping block should be Woods and not Bradley.  It’s simple, Bradley has played his way on the team and Woods hasn’t.


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