Tiger Signs with Rolex, More On the Way

by Jeff  Skinner

Tiger Woods has lived in a different world these last two years.  Gone are the million dollar endorsements and the unadulterated adulation but things may be warming up in Tiger’s Brave New World.  Tiger signed a new endorsement deal with Rolex and his agent Mark Steinberg says more are on the way. Here are a few lines from Jeff Rude’s interview with Steinberg. Tiger is staying with John Fry of “Frys.com.” Hmmm, well that answers all the questions as to why Tiger picked this tournament doesn’t it.

Rude: Where’s his marketability now? Is this a sign that it might be coming back?

Steinberg: I sure think it’s a sign that it’s coming back. I think I have an opportunity to make, I can’t say when, but an announcement in the near future about the golf bag.”

Rude: Fry’s? He’s staying with John Fry this week, isn’t he?

Steinberg: Well, he’s staying at one of John’s houses. He’s not staying with John. … No, that won’t be the golf bag. Fry’s won’t be the golf bag. I know there’s been a lot of speculation on that.”

Rude: But Fry’s is in play as an endorsement possibility?

Steinberg: I’m talking with John Fry about continuing something with Tiger. We haven’t really delved too far into it.”

Rude: But the bag thing is close, by the end of the year?

Steinberg: Sure.

Click here for Rude’s interview in Golfweek.


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