Donald & Simpson To Go Head to Head for Money Title

by Jeff Skinner

Webb Simpson threw down the gauntlet and Luke Donald picked it up.  Donald and Simpson are looking to go mano y mano for the PGA Tour Money title.  Both Donald and Simpson had expressed their desire to claim the top money spot and with Simpson playing well at the McGladrey Classic he looks to surely earn more than the $69,000 he needs to pass Donald.

Donald leads both the PGA and The European Tour in earnings and wants to be the first full member of both tours to win both titles.  Donald hadn’t planned a return visit to the PGA Tour unless his lead was challenged.  Simpson had plans of taking the Fall Series off but with the money title within his reach he decided to play this week.

The question was “Would Donald play again to reclaim his lead?”  Well, get ready for a showdown.  Donald has committed to play in next week’s Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Classic at Disney World.  Donald Tweeted “There was never really a decision to be made, I have a chance of making history. See you all at Disney next week #bringiton.” And not to go down without a fight, Simpson also committed to play next week.  It’s a dream come true for the PGA Tour.  It’s a win-win-win situation.

The PGA Tour gets some great buzz with a bit of “match play” between Donald and Simpson.  The tournament will no doubt get a pop from the battle for the money title.  And the fans get to see something pretty rare: two guys staking claim to a title and going at it head to head.

Now, if the PGA Tour wants some added juice to this they should pair Luke and Webb together for the first two rounds.   They have been making some great pairings all season and here’s a chance to really spice up the Disney.

This could be quite an exciting climax to the Fall Series and for Donald and Simpson this may just be a lot of fun.


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