Smart Phone Saves the Day for Many Golfers

by Jeff Skinner

The technological revolution has had a devastating effect on golf.  New breakthroughs in club and ball technology have changed the game.  It seems that there is some new gadget out there every week that promises to help us with our game.  Now, all that new science has been channeled towards a new direction: getting the beer cart when you want it.

Stan Van Meter gives us a new smart phone app “Scan4Beer” that will enable golfers to place an order and summon the beverage cart when you and your partners have run dry.  Featured in Golf Digest, the Scan4Beer app allows you to request an order from the beverage cart no matter where you are on the course.  You use your smart phone to scan a barcode that is attached to your golf cart and then you order from the menu.  The beverage cart receives your order and location and heads your way.

Van Meter, CEO of Scan4Beer says “It’s a win win for everybody.  Better food and beverage sales for golf courses, less frustration for golfers, and better tips for the cart girls.”

I play with a few boys that will want this thing ASAP.  If it makes for a better day on the golf course I am all for it but I think it made need a complimentary app to go along with this one, Scan4DesiginatedDriver.


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