Tiger’s Anniversary, Two Years Today

by Jeff Skinner

It was two years ago today that the Tiger Woods hit that fire hydrant and started a collapse that is unequalled in all of sport.  It doesn’t seem that long ago that Woods was claiming majors like they were his and his only.  No athlete in history has fallen as far as Woods has.  He went from icon to pariah quicker than you can say Augusta National.

It is still difficult to believe that Woods carried on such a secret life and had everyone fooled, even his wife.  Time may heal all wounds but you can’t help but think that there are plenty of relationships that Woods had that will never recover.  Be they endorsers, media, friends or fans, few look at Tiger the same today.

Tiger Woods was once the most powerful man in sport and no one came close to his level of fame or earning power.  Over the past two years it seemed that just when you thought Woods had reached rock bottom he managed to fall even further.

Well, it looks like the decline has stopped and Tiger has turned his life around.  His play on the course has been the best since his accident and he has signed a few new endorsements contracts recently.  Life is different as a single parent and Woods likes to say he has his priorities in order now.  My kids are everything he likes to say now.

It may be that the past few weeks in Australia mark the start of Tiger’s climb back to the top of the golf world.  He’ll never be the icon he was but the question is: Will he ever be the golfer he once was?  He thinks he will and 2012 will be his most important season since 1997 when he won his first Masters and started his decade of domination.




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  1. Great post Jeff! I think Tiger has learned his lessons and turned his life around and will be a dangerous player once again! I think he will win the masters in 2012.

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