Tiger Looks Very Healthy at Tavistock Cup

by Jeff Skinner

To the naked eye Tiger Woods and his strained Achilles looked perfectly healthy at The Tavistock Cup yesterday.  Woods showed little effect from a tender Achilles that sidelined him from Doral a little more than a week ago.  He was ripping drives with no sign of favoring his leg.  The fact that he looked so fit has caused some speculation that maybe Tiger wasn’t as hurt as he made out to be when he walked off the Blue Monster.  Tiger has a history of playing through pain but recently he has withdrawn for three tournaments in the last three years but this was by far his quickest return to action.  Tiger also has a longer history of not being forthright with the media.  He says little when asked questions and even less when it’s a subject he rather not discuss.  It’s just a little strange that Woods is still playing golf seven days in a row (if he makes the cut at Bay Hill) on a gimpy wheel.  This is the most golf Tiger has ever played leading up to The Masters.

It is another chapter in the mysterious life of Tiger Woods and how he is the most difficult athlete to try and understand.



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  1. After you have been injured a few times and ignore the pain, you become more cautious. Playing through pain sometimes makes the injury worse. Older and wiser Tiger.

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