Tiger’s Masters Meltdown

by Jeff Skinner

Tiger Woods is still having trouble with his golf swing.  He said he was slipping into old habits and he seems to be thinking swing instead of just swinging his club.  Woods has never looked so lost on the course.  Physically he is in fine shape and very healthy.  But mentally he is as lost as a 20 handicapper.  He employed that dreaded F-word too many times today, FORE was his rallying cry today, and cry he should.

It’s only because he knows Augusta so well that it his three over 75 wasn’t an 80.  Tiger usually eats the par five’s alive at Augusta but this week he is only one under par on the par fives.  And the par three’s are far worse, he’s plus three on the par threes.  Hitting fairways never has been Tiger’s game but he was always able to get it on the green and then that putter worked its magic.  This year at The Masters he’s hit half the fairways and only 52% of the greens.  You can’t score at Augusta if you’re not on the greens.

Woods was obviously frustrated today and he showed his anger often.  But afterwards he was surprisingly upbeat.  He thinks he knows what he needs to change and went right to the range.  He also said that one good round tomorrow puts him right back in the tournament.  That may be wishful thinking on his part because before he can do that he needs to hit some greens.


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