Man Up Sergio

by Jeff Skinner

It has been entertaining watching Bubba Watson bask in the glory he earned at The Masters.  Winning a major makes everything taste sweeter and look better.  Losing a major has side effects also, just ask Sergio Garcia.

Garcia, who has a history of whining, let loose with some comments that may affect the rest of his career.  He’s frustrated by his misfortune at the majors and his inability to win a major has obviously damaged his psyche.

“After 13 years, today has been the day … I don’t have the capacity to win a major,” he said.  Followed by, “It’s the reality. I’m not good enough and now I know it. I have tried for 13 years, thinking I can win. I don’t know what happens to me.  It could be something psychological, but if the shots don’t fall … It is simpler than it seems. After 13 years, I have run out of options. I’m not good enough for the majors. That’s it.”

“I will try to be second, or third,” he said. “You can live without a major.”

This, from a professional athlete that competes week in and week out against the best in the world.  Sergio is a very good golfer but mental toughness has never been his strong point, just like his putting.

If Sergio truly feels that way he should have done one of two things: kept it to himself or just retired.

If he can’t get motivated to play in a major championship the rest of his career is a farce.  If a golfer doesn’t want to play for first place then he falls into one of the negative stereotypes that haunts the PGA Tour.  That being that the tour is made up a bunch of filthy rich golfers who make a ton of money without ever winning a tournament, and really don’t care about winning.

I’d hate for that to be Sergio’s fate for the rest of his career.



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