Jimenez Breaks Leg on Slopes

by Jeff Skinner

Miguel Angel Jimenez is known for his trademark ponytail, crazy stretching routine and a zest for life that few can imitate.  Well, that zest may have got the better of the world renown golfer as he suffered a broken leg while skiing on Saturday.

Jimenez became the oldest winner in European Tour history in November when he won in Hong Kong at 48 years old.  He’ll celebrate his 49th birthday on Saturday but with his leg in a cast and he’ll be sidelined for 3-5 months.

“When I took up skiing I knew the risks that I was taking, but I love it so much I could not stop,” he told the European Tour website.

“I was going down a hill and lost control briefly and when I fell it was very sore. I knew immediately I had broken something.

“The medical staff at Sierra Nevada took me for an x-ray straight away and I am very thankful to them, as well as all of the staff at the hospital, for their quick and professional response.”


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