Play the “Old School Augusta National”

by Jeff Skinner

Every time there is a discussion about today’s titanium, graphite, hot ball infused crop of professionals versus the “old school” golfers I usually end up ranting.  My rant usually ends with arguing that Augusta National should have another tournament with Augusta set up the way it was in before it was Tiger-proofed.  Let today’s players hike those hills with steel shafts, persimmon heads and a ball that travels fifty yards less and see what happens.

Now, my dream is realized, well almost.  EA Sports has added a classic Augusta National to its new Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2014 video game.   From the press release:“For the first time ever, users will experience Augusta National Golf Club as it was when the course played host to the very first Masters Tournament – what was known in 1934 as the Inaugural Augusta National Invitation Tournament”

That’s music to my ears and maybe I could get my son to fire that up and show a gaming challenged hacker what the “Old Augusta” looked like.  From this video teaser it looks pretty amazing.


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  1. I think LLG has a bad golf jones induced by the snow covered ban on local golf we endure during winter months in the great northeast. But that’s no excuse for jumping into an animated fantasy world . That aerial tour of the old Augusta National would be really cool if it were actual film footage from the 30’s but the computer generated graphics of that game is a poor substitute for the real thing. Snap out of it ,Jeff! Hit some Nerf balls off the living room walls and pine away for spring like a man.

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