President Obama Gets a Lesson from Butch Harmon…So Can You

by Jeff Skinner

Being the President of the United States certainly has a lot of perks.  You get your own plane, a big house and don’t have to wait on line at the DMV.

But being president does have its drawbacks like when you take a buddies trip to play some golf it turns into a national outrage.

So President Obama took some time off to play golf in Florida.  Is that so bad?  Doesn’t he deserve some downtime?  I rather have a relaxed leader sitting in the Oval Office that an anxious, burnout on the verge of a breakdown.

And while the President spent a few days at The Floridian National Golf Club he took advantage of his surrounding and did what many of its members do: took a lesson from Butch Harmon and his son Claude Harmon III.

butch-harmon-dvd-XLLHarmon has a Learning Center based at the club and was able to work with President Obama for a few hours.  Reports were that it was time well spent as President Obama played very well after his time with Butch.

Now all of us “non-presidents” may have a hard time booking the number one golf instructor in the land and if you have a few grand you can get a lesson at Harmon’s Golf School in Las Vegas.  But for those of us that can’t swing a Vegas retreat have no fear; Butch has a DVD to solve all our golf problems.

“Butch Harmon About Golf” is a two DVD set that has enough lessons, tips, drills and techniques to transform even the worst of hackers into a better golfer.

Harmon is his plain spoken self with clear and concise lessons on all aspects of the game.

Disc one covers all the basics from grip, stance and setup and moves through all the correct movements of a solid swing.

A good portion of this disc covers all the faults we have “learned” over the years from hooks and slices to tops and shanks and everything in between.   Harmon is so sensitive to our psyche’s he hesitates to even say the word shank.

He covers most of the possible situations on the course with his Specialty Shots section as he gives tips on how to hit draws, fades, punch, high shots or low shots and all the rest.  The Short Game and Sand Shots also have their own sections and throughout each lesson Butch is clear and easy to understand.  There’s no “golf speak” or language that the average hacker wouldn’t comprehend.

Disc two includes a section on all facets of putting, a piece on club selection and there’s even segments devoted to juniors, women and seniors.

One of the reasons Butch has the reputation he has is because of the success of all the great golfers he has worked with.  And here each of them make their own testimonials to Butch and his effect on their games.

Fred Couples, Ernie Els, Natalie Gulbis, Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson, Greg Norman, Adam Scott, Nick Watney and Tiger Woods all give glowing descriptions of how critical Butch was to their games.

No one has worked with more major champions, hall of famers or world number ones than Butch Harmon.

So if you are looking for a little golf instruction and you aren’t the president or can’t pop out to Vegas this DVD will do the trick.


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