Release Your Inner Architect at The Lido Competition

by Jeff Skinner

Think designing a good golf hole is easy?  Have you doodled a few holes while you’re sitting at your desk at work?  Maybe you’ve named a few of them too.   Here’s your chance to have your golf architecture skills recognized by the professionals of the business.  Golf World Magazine and the Alister MacKenzie Society is sponsoring the Lido Competition where amateur designers can enter their designs in the hopes of being honored by the professional architects.

For the second straight year, the Lido Competition, the annual golf design contest co-sponsored by Golf World and the Alister MacKenzie Society, is limited to a par-3 hole that you feel best reflects the design philosophy of the grand old golf architect, Dr. Alister MacKenzie.

So here’s our chance to put pencil to paper and dream up that perfect par three that epitomizes the good Dr. MacKenzie.  I will admit, doing some research and just viewing some of MacKenzie’s work could be reward enough.  Check out some of the most amazing works of MacKenzie here:  Lahinch Golf Club, Cypress Point and Pasatiempo Golf Club are but a few of the gems Mackenzie gave us.  And don’t forget his most popular work, Augusta National.

So get out the pencils and get drawing up that dream par three and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to win some cash and a trip to hang with the MacKenzie’s of today.

MacKenzie's 15th at Cypress Point

MacKenzie’s 15th at Cypress Point




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