Now The Golf Channel Anytime, Anywhere

by Jeff Skinner

Here’s some good news for all golf fans, The Golf Channel will now be available on your phone, tablet and computer.  Imagine that, The Golf Channel 24/7 wherever you are.  We’ll never get any work done now.  First thing I’ll do is enable the “Block Ahmad Rashad” feature.

From The Golf Channel:   GC Logo

Beginning Wednesday, April 24, golf fans will be able to watch Golf Channel digitally at all hours of the day – or night.

That’s the day that the network is launching its latest digital product, “Golf Live Extra,” which will offer a 24/7 live stream of Golf Channel’s on-air product via “TV Everywhere.” Available through Golf Channel’s digital platforms on desktop, mobile and tablets, as well as most platforms on participating cable, satellite and video subscription services, “Golf Live Extra” will stream the network around the clock, including live tournament coverage.

“‘Golf Live Extra’ will satisfy golfers’ desire to watch Golf Channel on the best screen available, whether that is on their laptop on a business trip, a tablet on the driving range or a phone on their lunch break,” explained Mike McCarley, president of Golf Channel.

The first providers to offer this new service to customers are Cablevision, Comcast Xfinity, DISH, Mediacom, Suddenlink and Verizon FIOS, with other subscription services expected to be added shortly.

Click here for the links to the new Golf Channel Live Extra.


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