Freddie & Monty Worthy of Hall of Fame…Lifetime Achievement Category

by Jeff Skinner

Today’s post was going to be an indictment of some of last evenings Hall of Fame Inductees. And a rehashing of the ongoing debate about the quality of this year’s players who were inducted.

Much has been made about Fred Couples and Colin Montgomerie entering the Hall of Fame with less credentials then past members but there are plenty of players in the Hall of fame with thinner resumes than these two.  I have mellowed when it comes to the “numbers debate” and feel that these two are worthy of recognition by the Hall of Fame.

The Hall is fairly inclusive and I will say that Freddy and Monty may well deserve a place in the Hall but the debate about their “numbers” is well founded.  But both of them had a profound effect on the game and while getting in as “players” could be debated,  being rewarded with entrance into the Hall in the Lifetime Achievement category would seem more fitting if you ask me.

Fred made golf cool when for a long time when it wasn’t while Monty owned the European Tour and was such a significant force at The Ryder Cup that he was the face of that team for a decade.

Gary Smits has a great article on the selection of this year’s inductees and how many current Hall of Famers feel the Hall is being diminished with this induction class.  It’s an interesting take on the matter but this is a subjective vote.  There is no hard and fast criteria for induction.  It boils down to a popularity contest.

And no one will ever doubt Freddy’s popularity.  The real surprise is Monty’s.


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