USGA, R&A Ban Anchored Stroke…PGA Tour Thinking About It

by Jeff Skinner

Now that all the waiting is over and the USGA and the R&A have set forth their plan to ban the anchored stroke one may think the controversy would diminish.  Don’t bet on it.

With The PGA Tour and the PGA of America voicing their displeasure with the ban we will have to wait and see what action they will take.  I find it strange that while the PGA Tour insists that they play the highest level of golf in the world they now would entertain the idea of not playing by the rules of golf.

The Tour has been playing under the rules of golf since its inception and contrary to the mistaken belief that they are the end all in golf, they aren’t.  The Tour represents a few hundred highly skilled professionals.  The USGA and the R&A represent the game itself.  They make the rules for the entire game of golf not a gifted, select few.

Isn’t it odd that all the crying is only coming from the men’s professional ranks in the states?  Every other major (and minor) professional tour around the world has said they would follow the rules of golf, whatever they may be.Adam Scott putting

The PGA Tour has lived with the silliest rule in golf forever, disqualification for signing an incorrect scorecard, and they haven’t threatened a mutiny.  But now, a very small constituency has been able to manipulate the Tour into fighting the ruling bodies.

During the 90 day comment period there was plenty of debate, in the United States, not so much around the world.  R&A Chief Executive had this little tidbit to share,” We received a broad range of feedback during the comment period [the R&A receiving approximately 450 comments and the USGA 2,200 comments] and I think the process has served as very strong reminder about how passionate golfers are about the game no matter their position on this specific issue.”

Looks like the Americans are about five times more passionate  about this ruling.

The PGA Tour’s reaction to the announcement was to circle the wagons or pound their chest or call their lawyers.  You be the judge,” We will now begin our process to ascertain whether the various provisions of Rule 14-1b will be implemented in our competitions…We will announce our position regarding the application of Rule 14-1b to our competitions upon conclusion of our process.”

Could the PGA Tour actually think they could play golf under a different set of rules?  I guess they can, they are their own business.  But if Tim Finchem and the boys decide to make their own rules then it won’t be golf they are playing.  I don’t know what Tim will call it…but it won’t be golf.

I only hope that Finchem and the Tour do not have the arrogance to think they are above the rules of golf.  I don’t think Finchem would want that to be his legacy.

By the way, I have played golf for over thirty years and get plenty of rounds in and last Friday for the first time I can ever remember I played with a golfer that anchored his putter, Adam Scott style.

I can’t imagine what all the fuss is about.



  1. I sure hope it wasn’t our mutual friend that is now anchoring his putter…I may not come visit for awhile if I hear that it is ;). How is the golf game this year?

  2. If they PGA Tour is not the end all in golf, then why does it matter what rules of golf they play by?

    The minority trying to fight back against an injustice are not the ones doing the crying. Most of the crying about anchored putters has come from the clowns who have banned it because they don’t like how it looks on the putting green.

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