Now, Gary Player Has Done It All

by Jeff Skinner

OK, they’re out.  The pictures of a nude 77 year old Gary Player have hit the web.  ESPN’s annual “Body Issue” features the sculpted bodies of world-wide athletes from many varied sports player nudeand activities.

Player sets the record for the oldest person featured in The Body Issue.  His lifelong obsession with physical fitness not only has kept him lithe and limber but it has put all of us with a hefty spare tire to shame.

You won’t find a man more passionate about his health and the health of the youth of the world.  Player is a vocal proponent of increasing the focus on the diet and need for more exercise for children.

Here’s the link to ESPN’s “Bodies We Want” feature. Player is on pages 16 and 17.  But be warned, it may shame you into passing on the ice cream and heading to the gym.


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