USGA Offers Mobile App on the Rules of Golf

by Jeff Skinner

It may be the offseason for many dedicated golfers but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep ourselves busy with some golf related activities.  Of course there is that off season conditioning program we all committed to with plenty of stretching included.


And there is the local simulator that lets us play St. Andrews and Sawgrass in warm, toasty comfort with a well stocked bar to help pass the cold winter days.

During the cold, dark, unforgiving winter we have plenty of time to improve our game and not just our swing.


Knowing the game and the rules of the game is an important part of being a golfer and the USGA has just made it a little bit easier for all of us.  The Rules of Golf, and more are now available for our mobile devices.

From the USGA: Far Hills, N.J. – As part of its continuing commitment to provide greater clarity and broader distribution of the Rules of Golf, the United States Golf Association today launched an enhanced version of its Rules of Golf mobile application for iOS and Android devices.

The application features a smart-search capability that connects users to the Rules information contained in the most recent versions of the Rules of Golf and the Decisions on the Rules of Golf books.

rules of golf“The redesigned Rules of Golf app provides convenient access to the Rules and the decisions on those Rules on mobile devices,” said Sarah Hirshland, senior managing director of business affairs for the USGA. “The update complements the USGA’s digital offerings and will help promote golfers’ understanding of the Rules and enhance their enjoyment of the game.”

Part of the update is a streamlined sharing process for the distribution of Rules and decisions via email. Direct links towww.usga.org have been added for quick access and for sharing with others.

“The Rules of Golf mobile app utilizes the latest technology to deliver Rules information to a greater audience,” said Thomas Pagel, the USGA’s senior director of Rules and Amateur Status. “The app is designed to offer a higher level of information and insight that has not previously been available in one place.”

Additional features will be added to the app during 2014, including information regarding the Rules of Amateur Status.

The Rules of Golf app is free and available for download now via the iTunes Store or Google Play, and more information is available at www.usga.org/mobile. Access to the Decisions On The Rules of Golf is also available free for a limited time and will become an in-app purchase option beginning April 1.

It takes seconds to download, it’s free and it is bound to help you improve your knowledge of the game.  Just scroll through the Definitions Section and you’ll be ahead of your uninformed buddies.


Know the difference between “ground under repair” and “abnormal ground conditions?”  How about what actually constitutes “advice” during a round?  And of course when your buddies start arguing if a ball is in the bunker or not or if they can get relief from that goose dropping all the rules are right there and easy to access.


Do your game and your partners a favor and download the app.  If you’re going to play you have to know the rules.





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