A Busy Day at Augusta National

It was an unusually busy Monday at The Masters and front and center was the return of Tiger Woods. Tiger’s return was the big story and not one second of his range session or practice round went uncovered.  tiger smile 15

He showed up on the range wearing ear buds and listening to music something he has never done in public before. Maybe he has found the key to that chipping game because there was no report of any shanks, skulls or chunks.

Tiger was all smiles and hugs as he greeted his friends and Rex Hoggard gives us the lowdown on Tiger’s return. And in case you want some photographic proof of the smiling, autograph signing Tiger here’s a gallery of 166 pictures, yes 166. Like I said nothing went unnoticed.

Geoff Shackelford made a foray to one of his favorite spots at Augusta, the Merchandize Tent. And shows us some of his favorite items. I have to get a pair of those swim trunks.

swimsuitIt was announced that Ben Crenshaw will play the Par 3 Tournament alongside Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player since Arnie is still on the injury list. But The King says he’s feeling good enough to still hit that early morning tee shot on Thursday.

That kind of works out for Gentle Ben as this is his last turn around Augusta as a competitor. Get the tissues ready because when Ben and his man Carl Jackson walk up that last hole the tears will be flowing. Ben hasn’t made the cut since ’07 so sometime Friday we’ll get to say goodbye to a very classy champion.

Another champion we said goodbye to this year was the 1970 winner, Billy Casper. Click here for a nice tribute to the most underrated champion in the game of golf. Jimmy Roberts and Masters.org does a great job in honoring a man who marched to a different but so very classy drummer.

And then take a look at the original program from the first tournament at Augusta National. Now it wasn’t called The Masters back then as Bobby Jones thought that too boastful. It was called The Annual Invitation Tournament and it has evolved into the spectacle that is The Masters.


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