Search for Golf Weather Elusive

It was 2 below zero when I woke up at my frozen Massachusetts home on the morning of  New Year’s Eve but I wasn’t fazed at all because I was headed for green pastures, warm ocean breezes and all the golf I could play. Florida here we come!

My better half and I spent a brief, but lovely, layover on New Years’ Eve in Metro New York, enjoying holiday libations in the company of my brothers and sisters as we welcomed 2018.

We were up and at it well before dawn on the first day of the new year, giant SUV packed to the roofline and a fully loaded sedan following behind. We were heading for Florida’s First Coast, home to the World Golf Village, lot’s of great golf courses and our new winter home. We were newly hatched snowbirds.

As we drove south over the next two days it was as if we were caught in some crazed climate warp with freezing temperature chasing us along the eastern seaboard . We never saw a reading above freezing until well into our second day somewhere outside Savannah, Georgia.

I was trying to leave the wintry Northeast but couldn’t shake it.

My plan was to at least hit a driving range on Wednesday the 3rd but Mother Nature was uncooperative- it rained buckets today and the mercury just nudged up to 40 degrees. The best laid plans of mice and men, yeah, yeah.

So we’re holed up in Old St. Augustine for awhile since the weather won’t rise up to golfing standards until Sunday. I’ll be stuck doing “home Improvement” stuff until then and living my golf vicariously, like my little brother, Jeff, watching the 2017 PGA winners tee it up at Kapalua this week.

At least until Sunday- when the sun will shine, the temp will rise and my golf season begins.



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