2009 Recap…Continued

by Jeff Skinner

Over the past year I’ve had a chance to write and rant on plenty of subjects. Looking back, I have had a real ball this year. So here’s a recap of some of my favorite spots from April and May 2009, some were spot on and some were way out there…but they all were fun.

The Masters always dominates spring golf and this year was no different. We recapped “The Greatest Masters Ever”, Jack’s 1986 win and Gary’s 1978 comeback. We even hoped for a little Miracle at the Masters on April Fool’s Day. Angel Cabrera may have won The Masters, but Kenny Perry was the Masters Hero.

After The Masters, I suggested that Tiger should lighten up a little but I guess we all realize now that he had an awful lot on his mind back then. About the same time we did a piece on his niece, Cheyenne Woods which was picked up on the front page of Yahoo.

David Feherty showed us how much he loves the troops.

I researched how much playing the Golf Digest Top Ten Courses would cost us everyday golfers. We suggested two sure fire ways to help your score: Play from the right tees and there is no thinking allowed on the golf course.


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